Thursday, April 1, 2010

A trip down memory lane

I anxiously waited for my first Barefoot Books shipment to arrive. I recently became an Ambassador for the company and placed a stock order to build my retail collection.
Oh yes, 3 boxes on the porch when I came home from work.
I dove right in to see my new stuff.
I'm so impressed with the quality of what I ordered. I can't wait to sit and read them all.
The first book I chose to read is Mother Goose Remembers.
Flipping through the pages I remember back to the Nursery Rhymes I loved as a child.
To Market, To Market. I can still remember these. Repeating them over and over while swinging with friends on the swing. Reminds me of warm summer days when life was so easy.
The illustrator, Clare Beaton, uses amazing hand-sewn collages. The pages look soft to the touch, yet it's only paper.
I can't wait to build memories with my daughter, sitting on a swing, reading rhymes such as Three Blind Mice.

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