Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, here are some tips that might help you save the earth and save some money:
  • Set your computer and monitor to sleep mode - Setting your computer to sleep mode takes only a few seconds, but can reduce electricity use by 87% compared to leaving it on (desktop computer). Modern computers are not damaged by frequent start up and shut down, and the surge of energy to start up the computer is very small relative to the energy used by leaving the computer on
  • Drink tap water, not bottled - According to a New York Times article, Americans will throw out over 30 billion single serving bottles of water this year! If you are concerned about your tap water, use a filter on the faucet-a much more eco-friendly way of ensuring pure water
  • Assess your business/household carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.  Set your own business/ household greenhouse gas reduction target at ClimateCare

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