Monday, April 12, 2010

One for Bee Lovers

I'm so glad they came out with this book. I used to be so afraid of bees. Just the sound of their buzz made my skin crawl. That was until last year when I visited our county fair. During a sudden rain storm, I took cover in one of the fair barns. It just happened to be the bee keeper's barn. As the rain came down, I spent my time reading up on honey bees. I was so fascinated by them that I borrowed several books from the library about raising honey bees. I haven't made this my hobby yet, but I have different outlook on them, that's for sure. I think it's wonderful they have a book that children can read and learn about just how much bees help the world around them.

The Beeman
Find out where honey comes from as Grandpa the Beeman teaches the basics of beekeeping to his young grandson. This rhyming story includes endnotes full of essential facts about bees, beekeeping, honey, and the vital part that bees play in the natural world.

Ages 5 to 9 years

Written By: Laurie Krebs

Illustrated By: Valeria Cis

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